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Mission Ready Inc. provides professional IT services and consulting for the industries in the private and government sector, where the need for IT services has grown exponentially in Texas.

Robust Network Infrastructure

Our networking solutions are designed to be robust and reliable, minimizing downtime and supporting high-traffic volumes, which aligns with the customers requirements for a stable secure infrastructures.

  • Network architecture planning and design

  • Configuration of routers, switches, and firewalls

  • Real-time network monitoring for performance and security

  • Network optimization for maximum uptime and performance

  • Troubleshooting and rapid issue resolution

  • Regular maintenance and software updates

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Firewall Configuration Service

Skilled in configuring firewalls to protect networks from unauthorized access and malicious attacks. They should have experience with a variety of firewall vendors and models.

  • Mastery in firewall configuration to secure network boundaries.

  • Broad experience across various firewall vendors and models, including Cisco, Palo Alto, and Fortinet, to ensure tailored protection.

Security and Prevention Service

Knowledgeable about cybersecurity and able to implement and manage security policies, intrusion detection, and prevention systems.

  • Comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity best practices.

  • Capabilities include implementing and managing security policies, intrusion detection, and prevention systems.

  • Compliance with all relevant regulations and standards

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Backup File Server Installation and Maintenance

NAS (Network Attached Storage): Expertise in designing and configuring NAS systems to manage and store data effectively and securely (cloud or onsite).

  • Remote Accessibility: The network will be configured for secure remote access, meeting the customers requirement for supporting remote work solutions.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The modular design allows for scalable solutions, letting agencies select and pay for only the services they need, which aligns with the RFP's emphasis on cost-effective solutions.

Windows Server Installation and Management

List of benefits to NAS or network devices for 1) Ease of integration, 2) Active Directory (AD) support, 3)Network Protocols, 4) Data Deduplication, 5) Security Features, 6) Virtualization of Hyper-V and most importantly 7) protect data from drive failures.

  • Windows Server operating systems can easily integrate with existing Windows infrastructure. If your network is largely Windows-based, a Windows Server will likely integrate more seamlessly with your existing setup.

  • Windows Server supports numerous network protocols, including SMB (Server Message Block) and NFS (Network File System), enabling it to work effectively with many NAS devices.

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IT Maintenance and Recovery

IT hardware and software maintenance:

Provide preventive, corrective and proactive measures for managing software, protecting you from data loss, running security scans, and ensuring that computer systems allow for maximum productivity.

  • Next-Phase IT Maintenance and Recovery: Our comprehensive approach not only includes preventive and corrective actions but also incorporates proactive measures. From safeguarding against data loss and conducting security scans to disaster recovery solutions, we ensure that your computer systems are optimized for maximum productivity and minimal downtime.

  • Advanced IT Hardware and Software Maintenance: As part of our next-phase strategy, we specialize in maintaining both hardware and software components. Our expert team performs regular updates, diagnostics, and performance tuning, creating a robust IT environment that supports your business needs while minimizing risks and vulnerabilities.

Backup NAS
Widows Server

Door Access and Video Security Cloud Solutions Provider

Specializes in providing cutting-edge door access and video security cloud solutions. We are dedicated to enhancing the security and efficiency of various organizations through our innovative technology. Our solutions are designed to cater to a diverse range of sectors, including commercial enterprises, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and residential properties. 

Key Offerings:

  1. Cloud-Based Access Control Systems: 

  2. Advanced Video Surveillance: 

  3. Integrated Security Solutions: 

  4. Remote Access and Control: 

  5. Customizable and Scalable Solutions: 

  6. Professional Installation and Support: 

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Door Access
Tech Support
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Technical Support

Provide responsive technical support for customers. Able to diagnose and resolve network, firewall, security, and NAS issues quickly and efficiently.

  • Our customer-centric approach ensures rapid and efficient technical support that goes beyond basic troubleshooting. Whether it's diagnosing network glitches, resolving firewall anomalies, or fortifying security measures, our technical team is trained to act swiftly, minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

  • Expertise in Network and Security Issues: Leveraging our next-phase capabilities, we excel in diagnosing and resolving complex challenges related to network, firewall, security, and Network-Attached Storage (NAS) systems. Our timely and effective support ensures not just quick fixes, but long-term solutions that enhance system reliability and security.

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Certified technicians: 

ITIL Foundation, Aruba ACSA, Certified Meraki Networking, Brocade Certified Engineer (BCNE), MCSE 2000, 2003, Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP), Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Enterprise Infrastructure (CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure), Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing and Switching (CCNP Routing and Switching), Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator (PCNSA), NSE4, and more.


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